Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Facebook Page

Assalamualaikum my sweet readers and followers...

Now Muslim Kids Shop already launch our Business Page at Facebook. Appreciate if you can click link below and like our page. 

We will update our product and activities through our blog and Facebook page... 
We really need your support to offer more products to your kids...

TQ!! (^_^)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Baby Khalifah Learning Series Demo

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Hope everyone are in good conditions.

Ok, I just want to show you a demo for Baby Khalifah Learning Series...

May be some of you do not know what inside it, right?

Click link below to watch the demo... 

Look!! Dahlia is enjoying watching the Baby Khalifah Video... 

Click here to place your order

Friday, 19 October 2012

Al Fatih Qur'an now available!!

The new holy Al Fatih Quran now is available!!!
Dengan harga RM75 anda boleh membaca dan memahami Al Quran dengan lebih mendalam sebab Al Fatih Al Quran ni menterjemahkan setiap kalimah/perkataan dalam setiap ayat... Very interesting and the size tak besar dan tidak tebal... senang nak bawa ke mana-mana... 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mesra Bersama Programme with TV Al Hijrah

Assalamualaikum readers!

As you know, Muslim Kids Shop is one of the Qhaleefah Ilm Associates. Yesterday which is on Saturday, we together with Qhaleefah Ilm's Director, Kak Nita were joining a program with TV Al Hijrah. This is one of the CSR programme under TV Al Hijrah and Qhaleefah Ilm was one of the sponsor. 

Ok now let me tell you some backgrounds of this event. Actually this CSR event special for Rohingya people who are living in our country. Maybe some of you never know about Rohingya. I am one of them actually! Fortunately Kak Nita invite me to the event and explain to me a little bit about Rohingya or if you want to know more, just google about Rohingya. There are a lot of stories about what is happening to them. 

The event was started on 10.30 a.m and we arrived at 10.30 am. At first, we just help the crew setting up the place and they started with 'sukaneka' game such as 'isi air dalam botol', 'gelung getah' and music chair... Ouh, ok... I forgot to tell you that the event was held at Taman Sentosa, Klang... Go back to the sukaneka, all of the Rohingya children joint the sukaneka and Dahlia also... Who is Dahlia?? She is Kak Nita's daughter and also the Qhaleefah Ilm model... She is a very cute.. (^_^)  
By the way, not only the Rohingya kids joint the sukaneka, there are also participants from local people and suprisely, they are chinese. We are one Malaysia ok! hehe

There are also a booth opened for medical check up and it is free. I want to have it also but looking at the crowd, I just forget it... It's ok... I can get more free medical check up later... so lets give the Rohingya this opportunity. 

Around 1.30 pm... The event finished. Supposedly there were another slot such as jemaah prayer and a talk from Ustaz Don but due to a political issues, it has to stop! Btw, apologize cause I can't tell you what kind of  issues...its sensitive maaa... (^_^)

Kak Nita is giving the prize to winners... The prize was sponsored by Upin Ipin... 
Cute little Dahlia also won the sukaneka and she get the prize from her mommy... sweet!
Kak Nita with the TV Al Hijrah's director...
The medical booth
The TV crew is distributing Qhaleefah Ilm T shirt
Yeah!! They are wearing Qhaleefah Ilm T shirt
Now, the game is begin!!
Next game...
The CSR program is very great and we are really happy! Hope to involve another CSR program... (^_^)