Learning Package

Baby Khalifah Learning Package

This Baby Khalifah Learning Package is only RM90.00

This educational and fun interactive package only contains:
6 learning CDs
6 workbooks
1 set of flashcards
1 set of color pencils
1 bookmark
1 car sticker

The Baby Khalifah Learning Package contains the following subjects:

  1. MyFirst Arabic - learn about colors, shapes, numbers and days
  2. MyFirst Solat - learn about wudhu', Azan, Prayer time and the Kiblah
  3. My First Kalimah - learn about Allahuakhbar, Bismillah, Subhanallah and Alhamdulillah
  4. MyFirst Iqra' - learn all the 30 Arabic letters
  5. MyFamily - learn about the family tree, roles and manners
  6. MyFirst Adab - learn about truthfullness, trustworthiness, bravery, sincerity, honesty and patience

"I'm following Aisyah to the masjid mummy, look! I can hear the Azan" - Wan Dahlia Qaireen, 3 years old

For a sneek peek of the Baby Khalifah series, please go to http://fun_park.islamkids.my

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  1. pakej 1 gmbar tu RM90? mmg berpatutan....sesuai kan 4 kids 2-4 y/o?

  2. Yep... dalam RM90 tu ada semua tu... CD, workbook, flash cards, color pencils, bookmark and car stickers... nati we will provide you the quotation price yea... :)

  3. do u still have this?