Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Teach Your Children about Islam

Nowadays, we are exposed by so many influences. It is whether good influences or bad influences but what we are most afraid is the bad influences... especially to our children, right? With internet, television or any forms of media which shows un-islamic values gives big challenges to many parents raising their children. 

Here are some tips that I got from which you can use in helping your children grow up with Islamic value. 

  1. Start by teaching them the importance of Worshipping only Allah. Let them know who is Allah, who is our Prophet and why we must worship Allah.
  2. Treat them kindly. As a parents, you are are the example to your children... If you were kind to them, they in turn would show the kindness to others.
  3. Teach them example of Muslim Heroes likes Abu Bakar As Siddiq, Umal Al Khatab, Usman Bin Affan... Instead of Batman and Superman... :p
  4. Let children sit with adults and let them listen the Islamic lectures... Not Politic!
  5. Make them feel important
  6. Let children be around family. This is parents job to make them feel comfortable with family rather than friends. Monitor your children, but not control them!
  7. Always praise them in front of others
  8. Avoid humiliates them in front of others especially their friends.
  9. Give them chores/responsibility to do in line with their age
  10. Don't spoil your children because the more you spoil them the more they will become weak
  11. Teach them how to respect you as a parents
  12. Pray with them and involve them in act of worship
  13. It is not always good to say "this is haram, that is haram" because your children will set in their mind that there a lot of thing that they can't do in Islam. Educate them with the reason of we can't do this and that because small children always ask "WHY"

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